Looking out for the safety of others, humanity and the environment is a good thing and that is what inspires Lookoutgear.

We want anyone who looks out to do so in simple, classic style and comfortable clothing.

Lookoutgear was founded 2010 in New York City.

Our proceeds support charities.

Our Mission

Let Lookoutgear brand promote and encourage everyone to:

Lookout for our environment.

Lookout for humanity.

Our Story

In 2010 as a Christmas gift to others, Lookoutgear founder traveled to volunteer building homes at an impoverished village in Guatemala, located along Lake Atitlan. While he was there, he bonded with some villagers and learnt a lot about them and their challenges. He also met a community of  travelers and tourists from wealthy countries including  some who had built settlements in the area. A common concern he found among everyone was about dangers that they often faced and which lurked in the area, from other people  and caused by the environment. The area was remote and there was no access to adequate help and resources. The people had to lookout for one another to survive.


Concerned about all those Walley had met and the general well being of everyone there, people he found to be very nice, welcoming and generous to him, he decided something needed to be done to help them and other people who wanted to be helped from environmental dangers,  and from others.


Together with other discoveries in mind, he decided to do something to help by developing a platform to share knowledge and ideas about safety, and later on a clothing line that served to promote looking out for the environment and looking out for humanity. He thought he could also use any revenue generated to support charities that shared the concerns.


When he arrived in New York he gave it some thought and in 2010 developed the platform. Soon after doing some research into the clothing business, he established the clothing brand now known as Lookoutgear. The clothing style is simple, classic and comfortable. Many of the styles and pieces carry the promotion  - Lookout for our environment. Lookout for humanity.  While wearing Lookoutgear, individuals anyone seeing it could take it to heart and make an effort.